Lowboy Hauling & Transport for Heavy Equipment

Do you operate an industrial, construction, or other commercial business that needs to transport supplies and large equipment between job sites? The ideal solution may be lowboy hauling from Transpro.

We offer equipment transport for a huge variety of oversized and heavy equipment with our large fleet of lowboy hauling trailers. A lowboy or low bed trailer is a flatbed trailer that has a lower deck height, allowing us to load and haul tall and oversized equipment without trouble. Because the trailers are specially designed to haul oversized equipment, they require professional training and experience to use properly, and it is best to hire a company like Transpro that specializes in heavy haul transport.

We have experience hauling a wide range of vehicles, dozers, loaders, backhoes, forklifts, equipment attachments, and more. We are committed to affordably and safely transporting your equipment.

Not only do we have the right trailers for the job, but our team of drivers are well-trained and experienced in hauling heavy equipment of all types. We are experienced with all regulations and securement needs for heavy equipment hauling, and we can guarantee a safe delivery of your load.

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