What is a Cement Pig?

In your kitchen at home, there is a small list of ingredients you always have on hand. Similar to the flour or sugar in your cupboards, there are certain materials and supplies that, if kept on hand, will increase efficiency and convenience on a construction site. Cement is one of them. Cement, when easily accessible and stored safely at your job site, can be a valuable time-saving resource. When trying to meet a deadline, there is nothing worse than having to wait for the supplies you need. The answer to all your cement demand problems might be answered with one simple oink.

Really, what is a cement pig?

Named after the pink curly tailed animal itself, a cement pig is a horizontal portable job site bulk storage container that can be kept onsite for on demand cement that is protected against the elements. Similar to a traditional cement silo turned on its side, a cement pig is perfect for large scale, high volume jobs that require a lot of cement. A cement pig typically has a higher capacity than a traditional cement silo or storage container. The cement from a portable storage container is easily accessed via pump using a pneumatic hose and blower system.

Standard Cement Silo vs. Cement Pig

A standard cement silo stands upright and is typically planted at a job site where it will remain steadfast until the job is finished. Holding anywhere from 20-80 tons of cement, these work well for smaller jobs. While the standard silo has an adequate capacity for a building site, it is not nearly efficient enough for a high volume public works job. A cement pig is essentially a portable silo that holds up to 140 tons of cement, nearly double the capacity of a standard silo, and is more suitable for large jobs such as highways, bridges, dams, airport runways, and any other huge project that requires a lot of cement. A standard silo is typically stationary throughout the progress of a job whereas a cement pig is mobile and has the ability to be moved to different locations during the course of the project.

So, what can you put in a Cement Pig?

Not just for the grey stuff, a cement pig can hold a large variety of materials you might need for your project!

  • Cement
  • Fly Ash
  • Frac Sand
  • Lime
  • Barite
  • Activated Carbon
  • Non-corrosive liquids
  • Soda Ash

Do you need to temporarily store cement or other materials at a job site? A cement pig rental might be the perfect solution.