Protecting Yourself From Cargo Theft

Whether you have been a truck driver for decades or you are new to the field, you have undoubtedly heard about cargo theft and how it can happen to you. Most commonly cargo theft occurs when a truck driver is pulled over at truck stops or on the side of the road. In order to keep this from happening to you, we have compiled a list of tips that will hopefully come in handy and keep all of your cargo in tact and in your truck.

  1. Keep Your Cargo Moving
    You have probably heard someone say at one time or another that “cargo at rest is cargo at risk”. When your trailer is not moving, or even worse when you are not with your trailer while it is not moving, the likelihood of something being stolen is much higher.
  2. Find the Light
    Always park your truck in a very well-lit area. This will not only allow others to see what is happening around your truck at all times, but it will also make it easy for security cameras to do so should someone attempt to steal your cargo.
  3. Avoid Cargo Gossip
    The chances of your cargo being stolen once someone hears you talking about what you are moving is much higher. Keep a tight lip about what you are carrying regardless of how much you don’t think anyone will want to steal it.

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