We’re Implementing State-of-the-Art Logistics Software

Transpro Burgener has signed a contract with TMW Systems, the leading provider of enterprise software for transportation and logistics companies, in order to keep up with the swiftly changing challenges and opportunities in the industry and better serve our employees and customers.

More About TMW Systems:

TMW Systems’ mission is “to transform the way the world moves freight by enabling, empowering and optimizing every company that manages the movement of freight by delivering a full range of transactional, visibility, decision support, and optimization solutions.”

TMW was acquired by Trimble in 2012. Alongside Trimble’s complementary technology systems, TMW is able to deliver a service that improves transportation operational efficiencies to their 2,000 customers. Their trucking software offers solutions to industry-related challenges for trucking companies big and small across North America.

Transpro is excited to join some of the largest and most complex transportation companies by automating our operational processes with TMW Systems.

Our implementation of TMW Systems includes the following changes and improvements:

  1. TMT Service Center – This maintenance management software will streamline our in-house fleet maintenance and repair, as well as monitor outsourced maintenance activities. With TMT we will be able to generate and maintain complete vehicle histories on all trucks and trailers and make better decisions about when to replace equipment.
  2. TMS (Transportation Management Software) – TMS features include shipment planning and execution, carrier dispatch, and general fleet management. With complete visibility of costs and metrics, we can better manage our company goals and business decisions.
  3. Synergize – This image and document management platform that will allow our drivers to scan in paperwork and associate it with the load dispatched. This means more efficient processes for correct and quick payroll for our employees, as well as improvement in the billing process for our customers.

At Transpro we are always looking for new ways to continue to improve our company processes so we can stay competitive in the industry and offer better services to both our customers and employees.