Most Common Uses of Flatbed Trucks

The use of a flatbed truck extends across industries, whether you are in transportation, construction, or general manufacturing, these trucks are vital to any fleet operation. Flatbed trucks are often used for carrying oversized loads or products with unusual shapes. Even if your business doesn’t require you to move what might be considered generic hauling materials like crates or steel, flatbeds are essential in the world of towing, agriculture, or dumping. When deciding if a flatbed truck would benefit your haul consider load size, weight, and the need for loading aids and unloading/dumping aids.

Some of the most common uses for flatbeds:

Baled Tires

Millions of tires are stockpiled in the U.S. each year, which creates waste, major fire hazards, and a breeding ground for insects and vermin. Tire bales are created to aid in the efforts to eliminate waste and find new uses for unusable tires.  A tire bale is made up of compressed vehicle tires banded together with wire that are then repurposed for construction and other projects such as erosion control, road fill, impact barriers, terraces, retaining walls, and more. One bale consists of about 100 tires and weights about 1 ton.

Misc. Building Materials

Building materials can consist of materials as common as lumber or scaffolding, but also include a wide variety of materials that builders require such as concrete, brick, steel beams, and rods, even materials of odd shapes that are pre-fabricated. A flatbed truck is not only most common type of transportation for a load like this, but it is also the most practical because the heavy materials can be loaded and unloaded by hand or by crane from any direction. With the use of trusses, materials also have the ability to hang over the edge of the flatbed, some of which wouldn’t fit inside an enclosed box trailer.

Removal of Scrap Metal

Construction companies and builders often hire a service to pick-up and remove scrap metal from the job site, where the haulers then take it to a scrap metal recycling facility where it is sold and repurposed or purchased by another company. The ease of loading and unloading, and sometimes the ability to dump, makes flatbed tricks ideal for this task.

Equipment Hauling

Tractors and farm equipment, and military equipment such as tanks and Humvees are often transported on flatbeds as a safer alternative to driving the equipment on the road to its destination. Parts of planes or other large machinery can also be transported on a flatbed to be delivered.

Super Sacks

A flexible intermediate bulk container, or a Super Sack is an industrial fabric bag that is made to transport dry products such as sand, fertilizer, grains, peanuts or seeds with a load capacity of around 2000 pounds. Loading and transporting a Super Sack is done by loading it on a pallet or by using the loops on the bag to lift it onto the truck. Super Sacks full of sand are often used as flood barriers in the US and Thailand.

At Transpro Burgener, our flatbed trucks can accommodate all of these different uses and many more. To learn more about flatbed trucking, visit our Flatbed Trucking page.