Winter Safety Tricks For Truckers – Part 2

Last week we began addressing what it means to be a safe semi truck driver during the winter. When it comes to safety on the road you can truly never be too careful, and therefore there are plenty more where those tips came from.

6. Do Not Stop On the Shoulder
Stop on the shoulder of the road is dangerous even in the best of weather conditions. When there is blinding snow coming down it is next to impossible for other cars to be able to tell if your rig is on the road or not which will undoubtedly cause you to be in danger.

7. Keep Your Fuel Tanks Full
Having your fuel tanks topped off with create extra weight over your drive tires which will then help to keep your tires close to the ground and prevent you from hydroplaning.

8. Brake Carefully
Try to overuse using your foot brake unless the road you are driving on is completely straight. If your wheels are turned at all while you are braking there is a very good chance that your trailer can slide or spin, causing you to wreck. This is even more true when the trailer is empty.

9. Pack Winter Driving Essentials
Anyone who has been a truck driver for a while will tell you that have emergency driving essentials is a must. This means keeping things like an extra blanket to a first aid kit. You need to know you are prepared for every situation. Not to mention, this will lessen your anxiety while driving in bad conditions as well.

10. Keep Your Lights Clean
If others cannot see your truck, the likelihood of it getting hit is much higher. Make sure to remove and ice or snow that may be obstructing the light’s ability to shine and give people an idea of your location on the road.

Happy driving and remember, safety first always.