Why Do People Commonly Fail CDL School?

We don’t want to discourage you in any way. If you have the desire to get your commercial driver’s license then you absolutely are capable of obtaining it. However, the reality is that some people do not pass CDL school. In order to make sure you are not one of these people, we have put together a list of the main reasons people simply do not reach their goal of getting their CDL and becoming a trucker. Avoid the mistakes below and you will undoubtedly succeed!

1. You Go Into It With A Bad Attitude
If you are going into your classes believing you know everything already, there’s a good chance you will fail. People truly underestimate how difficult it is to be a professional truck driver and therefore are shocked when they begin to do poorly in their classes. Just like classes you took in high school, studying, time and effort are very much required if you are aiming to do well. Go into the experience excited to learn new things and always searching for more information that will make you a better driver in the long run. This will almost guarantee you pass with flying colors.

2. You Don’t Know How To Push Yourself When Things Get Tough
Self discipline is a very important trait to have when you are in driving school. This means putting in the time to understand things that are confusing to you. This means staying in to read over your materials on Friday nights instead of going out to the bar. Whatever is going to be in your best interest is the course of action you should take. After all, partying isn’t going to get you any closer to having your commercial driver’s license.

3. You Get Overwhelmed Easily
We’re not going to lie. Driving school is high pressure and it is very easy to begin to feel as though you are falling behind or struggling. The important thing is to not let these feelings defeat your desire to succeed. Remember to stay calm and that no matter how overwhelmed you are, you are more than capable of reaching your goal.

4. You’re Associated With The Wrong People
It’s amazing how the same things that could prevent you from doing well in grade school can affect you when you are in driving school as an adult but this is absolutely the case. When you have been going to your classes for a few weeks you will notice that people are beginning to form cliques. This goes back to our initial failure, do not hang out with the people who have a bad attitude or believe themselves to be too good to learn everything that is being taught in driving school. Hang out with the people in your class who are serious and therefore will end up being seriously good at their jobs once they do obtain their commercial license.

5.  You Give Up
The absolute worst mistake you can make is to give up. Whether you have struggled with one or multiple parts of your courses, you simply cannot throw in the towel.  Just remember that success does not happen overnight. It takes time and dedication and often a lot of coffee for people to get to the place they are striving to be in life. You are more than capable of reaching your goal, just keep going!