What is the Difference Between a Good Load and a Bad Load?

There is much debate between truckers, shippers and trucking companies about what makes a good load to transport versus what makes a bad load. What we mean is the terms “good” and “bad” are relative to who you are and what your occupation is in relation to the load in question. Transpro Burgener however can tell you what to take into account when considering whether or not a load is going provide problems for you or not. Below you can discover what these things are.

For a trucker, a good load will:

  • not require you to go out of your way to make the delivery
  • allow you to make it home by the time or date you are aiming for
  • be pre-loaded
  • provide a bit of flexibility rather than require you to pick up and deliver as precise times

For a trucking company, a good load will:

  • pay the right amount if not more
  • belong to a reliable customer who always pays on time and is cooperative
  • have a fair fuel surcharge
  • be going in a direction that will benefit the company not only on the way there but on the way back as well

There are many other aspects of a delivery that can be taken into account when you are choosing whether or not you wish to take it. However, these main variables tend to be what will make or break a deal whether with an individual trucker or a trucking company. Just keep in mind to always evaluate the pros and cons before ever committing to anything.