What Could You Possibly Earn As A Truck Driver?

We should preface this post by making it clear that there is no “set amount” truck drivers make. In fact, every trucking company compensates their drivers differently and depending on whether your job is union or non-union, your wages will vary. This post is designed to give potential truck drivers some idea of the type of money they would make should they join the business.

There are some estimates that can be made when it comes to how much truckers make. Typically, a trucker who is brand new in the business, hauling a regular dry van could make between $25,000 and $35,000 in a year. An experienced driver, however, could make anywhere from $35,00 to $55,000 for doing the exact same job. If a driver has experience and an excellent driver record, he could make a yearly income of up to $70,000. Not too shabby!

Pay is also dependent on what kind of driving you do. Whether you are driving intra-state, regional or over the road, your income will vary. Again, this is something that in order to get the best idea of what kind of money trucking companies in your area are paying, take a look at a local newspaper. There are always companies advertising that they need new drivers and if the wage isn’t listed in the ad, give them a quick call to pick their brains.

Trucking is not only a career, it’s a lifestyle. If you are committed to the idea of becoming a truck driver, then now is the time to get started. You will likely be making a very good living in just a couple of years!