Trucking: In Case of Emergency

When you are a trucker, you learn to expect that emergencies are going to happen while you are on the road. You should also be more than prepared to handle any emergency situation when it occurs. In order to help you make sure that you are, you can find some guidelines below to follow in the case of an emergency while you are driving your rig.

Risk Assessment

This process really starts with your trucking company. Every single fleet should be in perfect running order before they hit the road to avoid the chance of an accident as much as possible. In addition, most trucking companies offer some kind of formal training for their drivers so that each and every one knows how to had a roadside emergency. Granted, every single roadside emergency is different and requires that you take the individual situation into account and base your plan of action off of it.


Anyone who knows anything about trucking can tell you that a stalled rig on an open road is a very dangerous scenario. While you don’t always have a choice where you have to pull over when your truck stalls or gets a flat tire, try as much as you can not to pull over on a blind curve or worse, in the middle of the road. Also remember to always put your hazard lights on as soon as you realize something is wrong with your truck. Opening the hood of the truck is also a great way to let passersby know that you are stalled and not just stopped. Additional warning devices are also always necessary.

Transpro Burgener wants to ensure you are safe every time you are get in your truck. Being prepared for anything is a huge part of being a great truck driver.