The Driver Shortage

There is one key component to running a successful trucking company that often gets taken for granted. It isn’t what kind of trucks you use or how far your trucks will drive to deliver a load. Instead it is something so much more rudimentary than that. It’s the drivers.

In recent years there has been a noticeable decline in the number of people seeking out employment as truck drivers. And this is a problem. With so many of the baby boomers retiring from trucking, the deficit that is being created due to lack of interest shown by millennials to join the trucking workforce is more than noticeable.

Not only that but trucking companies were able to be pickier when it came to who they wanted to hire in the past and the lack of people joining the trucking industry now is making that more and more difficult. It used to be that owners and operators of a trucking company could choose they employees based on things like work ethic, personality, professionalism, punctuality and much more. The choice to be picky and consider all of the aforementioned employee traits however has become more and more difficult as options are limited.

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