Transpro Team Spotlight: Kerry Hamilton

Meet Kerry Hamilton

We know that without our dedicated team our trucks don’t stay on the road and our business does not succeed. Take a peek behind the windshield of this Transpro Burgener Peterbilt truck and meet Kerry Hamilton, Dry Bulk Driver.

Kerry is originally from Arizona and has been with Transpro for over a year and a half now. His brother, who is also a truck driver, inspired him to explore a career in trucking, and for Kerry, the rest is history. And we are so happy you are here!

In his free time, Kerry loves spending time with his kids. He says that he especially enjoys taking family trips to explore Estes Park, Colorado. Kerry also doubles as an amateur chef and spends his time at home learning how to cook. You can have us over to dinner anytime!

When asked what is his favorite thing about working for Transpro Burgener, Kerry had a hard time picking just one answer! First, he responded with “independence” Kerry said, “I am given my assignments and allowed to complete them without hassle.” His second answer was “integrity.” Kerry feels like the employees and leaders at Transpro make work feel like family, and he never feels like he is being put on the back burner while he is there! We’re so glad you feel that way, Kerry!

Speaking of family, Kerry loves helping out his fellow Transpro family members whenever they need it, whether it’s training new drivers or helping initiate positive changes in the business. Kerry is a very appreciated member of our team. David Densmore, our Terminal Operations Manager, says “Kerry is very respectful and willing to go the extra mile.” Thank you for all that you do Kerry!

Kerry’s tip for other truck drivers out there is to simply “enjoy each day”, whether you are on the road or spending some free time doing whatever you like to do. “I enjoy every day by noticing all of the beauty of Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Kansas,” says Kerry, “ I have noticed that every location has its own unique beauty, whether it’s snowcapped mountains or flat plans.”

Aside from checking out the awesome views, when Kerry is on the road in his Peterbilt 10 speed, he likes to listen to NPR to get news and be entertained. His favorite snack is Bold Chex Mix.

We’re always looking for great drivers like Kerry. We offer full benefits including paid time off, health insurance, driver appreciation days, and more! See available openings on our career page for details.