Staying Safe in 2017!

A new year often means new resolutions, and this year Transpro Burgener wants to start the year off right and focus on safety. We are committed to safety and taking small steps to ensure safety protects you and other drivers on the road. Here are our top 5 safety reminders for drivers.

1. Take Breaks & Check Your Rig

It’s easy to be in a hurry, that’s the nature of the trucking industry. Slow down and take frequent breaks to stop and stretch your legs. Take time to walk around your truck and trailer, and check your load to ensure items are properly secured and balanced. Look for leaks, soft tires, and debris. Check fluid levels, mirrors, and test the horn. Taking short breaks and prioritizing safety can save time down the road and ensure you are ready for your next haul.

2. Be Aware of Hazards

Taking time to keep an eye on your surroundings is crucial to your safety. It can be frustrating driving 50 mph in 75 mph zones, or slowing down to take a sharp turn extra carefully, but giving a little extra space will protect you and your truck from unexpected hazards. It is important to have time and space to correct, slow down, or steer away from danger, obstacles, traffic, or other hazards while on the road.

3. Check the Weather

Weather conditions can change very frequently, especially in mountain regions. Be sure to check the weather forecast for your entire route, not just your destination, before departing. It’s important to know about bad weather before it happens especially for snowy and icy roads, high-winds, and dramatic temperature changes. Exposed highways are often plagued by high-winds. Be sure to slow down, and if you see other drivers pulled over it might be a good time to take a break as well.

4. Do Not Tailgate!

When driving with a deadline it can be easy to rush. Be patient. Following too close to vehicles in front of you is dangerous. According to studies, the most common vehicle collision is hitting the truck in front of you due to tailgating. The bigger the rig the longer it takes to brake and stop. Maintaining a safe distance on dry roads and an even larger distance during inclement weather will ensure you and your haul will arrive safely.

5. Take Care of Yourself

Driver safety starts with taking care of yourself. Eating well, getting enough sleep, staying active, and drinking plenty of water is imperative for a healthy lifestyle and successful career. Driving a truck can be a sedentary job, just like sitting at a desk for too long, and sitting behind the wheel for too long can be damaging to your health. Take frequent breaks and increase your activity to avoid health risks. Another way to stay healthy behind the wheel requires a little creativity and preparation. Instead of stopping at restaurants and diners, pack a small cooler with water, healthy snacks like almonds, and easy to munch on fruits and veggies. Taking small steps to taking care of yourself on the road will help you off the road too!

These top 5 safety reminders are our resolutions for all drivers. Transpro Burgener is committed to safety and our employees are our most valuable asset. Learn more about Our Commitment to Safety here.