Smartphone Applications Truck Drivers Love

Spending hour after hour on the road requires that you can entertain yourself to say the least. If you aren’t one for driving in silence and the radio tends to give you a headache with all of the commercials you hear, you may want to consider downloading some of the following  free smartphone apps for entertainment purposes. You will no longer find your mind wandering as you coast from one highway to the next. Instead you will begin to look forward to getting back in your truck to catch up on whichever app is it you enjoy the most.

This app allows you to listen to your favorite radio station regardless of where you are in the nation. Don’t rely on the radio stations that are available in the areas you are driving through anymore.

If you love to read, this app allows you to listen to books on tape essentially only you have an unlimited number of books to choose from when you join. Stay entertained by your favorite characters while you’re on the road.

Podcasts are also a great way to stay engaged while you are driving. Free and available on all smartphones you can listen to podcasts on any subject you can possibly imagine…even trucking!

If you are beginning to find that your drive is becoming a bit mundane, any of these options will be sure to liven up your trucking experience. Try one of these options today and enjoy being engaged while driving for the first time!