Risks and Penalties of Distracted Truck Driving

These days it is pretty common to see commercials or hear radio ads addressing the awful habit that is distracted driving. These advertisements are normally geared towards people who do not have the commercial drivers license. However, driving a semi truck while distracted is just as, if not more dangerous than driving a car. Below you can discover a few things about how the distracted driving laws apply to you while you are behind the wheel of your rig.

1. Currently new regulations put into place by the FMCSA state that texting or using a handheld device while driving a commercial vehicle is strictly prohibited.
2. Should a driver be caught texting or using a handheld mobile device while operating their semi they will not only be subject to fines and disqualifications but they also may run the risk of losing their commercial driver’s license entirely.
3. These rules do not apply to dispatching devices if they are being used for managing the fleet company’s system.
4. Even though using handheld devices and texting are strictly prohibited, you may use hands-free devices to communicate while you are driving.

Just because you think you are very careful while texting and driving, it is not worth the risk. Those people who take calls and send messages on their phones while driving are far more likely to be injured or to injure others while they are on the road. Whatever it is, you can wait. If a message is extremely time sensitive or there is an emergency, then pull over your semi. Don’t risk your life for a couple of words!