Managing Your Time On The Road

One of the most critically important parts of being a successful truck driver is to always be on time. The key to making this happen is obviously a fairly decent amount of planning. As soon as you get your dispatch, the countdown begins and you must figure out the most efficient way to get your load to its destination in a timely manner.

In order to make this happen it is imperative that allow yourself a little wiggle room where traveling is concerned. Make sure you allow yourself extra time for thing like construction, car accidents, poor weather conditions and anything else that is out of your control but could drastically slow down your transit time.

Planning where you will stop for gas, food and sleep will also speed up your trip. You likely have a few favorite interstates that you stick to, that you also probably know like the back of your hand. Simply already knowing the layout of an exit and where everything is located that you need to access in certain towns will also save you time.

Regardless of what is thrown at you, you have to be ready and willing to adapt. In the case that you are absolutely sure that circumstances beyond your control are going to keep you from making your delivery on time, make sure to give your receiver a call. Although it is not ideal that their shipment is going to arrive later than it was originally supposed to, it is better to keep them in the loop.