Making Your Drivers Happy

When you run a successful trucking company there are many things you have to keep focused on day in and day out. The most important of these things is the happiness of your drivers. If your drivers are not happy, your business will not thrive. Transpro Burgener’s pay attention to the following considerations when it comes to the wonderful drivers we hire at our company.

1. Your Driver’s Time Matters
Even the tiniest amount of time held up in traffic or at a loading dock can cause a driver to have to spend an extra night sleeping in the cabin of his/her truck. You may not be capable of changing how traffic occurs but you can make sure not to detain your driver at loading or unloading docks for long periods of time. If you have no choice and the driver must wait for over 2 hours then it is only right to pay them for their time.

2. Fair Pay Is A Must
When a driver stays with a company it is because they feel valued. If a driver is not making at your company, what he/she could earn at another, there is a very good chance they will begin looking elsewhere for employment that compensates them fairly.

3. Be Honest
If a trucker asked you a question about anything regarding their time schedule and you know he/she isn’t going to be happy with your response, be honest anyway. Full disclosure is the best way to ensure your employees will trust you in the future.

4. Give Them Some Time At Home
Just like with any other job, your employees need time off. With truckers this is especially true as they tend to be away for days or weeks at a time. Allow them to have some time to relax and be with family.

5. Provide Amenities
When a driver makes a delivery it is always a good idea to have facilities that will make their day a little easier. These are things like a cup of coffee, a couch and even just a restroom. Show you appreciate them by making them not ask for the simplest amenities.