How Your Trucking Company Should Handle A Slow Season

With the cold months sneaking up on us fast, there is normally a panic that begins to occur for those who own trucking companies. If you have been in the business for a long time then you know there is normally a lull that occurs in freight activity in the months leading up to and after the New Year. If you find yourself in this situation as the holidays pass, the best way to handle it is 1) do not panic and 2) reflect on the different aspects of your company that could be causing you to have all this newly occurring downtime.

Reflect On Your Customers
Meeting with clients in person is a great way to spend your time during your slow season. When you meet with a client in person rather than talking over the phone or email you are able to get a true feel for how satisfied they are with the services you are provided. Messages tend to get convoluted when they are being relayed through technology. Get a real feel for your customers’ satisfaction levels and see what you can do to improve from their perspective.

Reflect On Prospective Customers
Now that you have some down time you should be using it to your advantage. Take this time to research companies who may be in need of your services. Reaching out to them before they reach out to your will show initiative and will also give the impression up front that you are a company they should truly consider hiring.

Reflect On Your Contracts
A slow season is also a great time to consider how you can change your contracts so that your customers will be happier in the future. By reworking a contract with your customer’s needs in mind, you will not only gain more of their trust but you will also likely grow the number of people who recommend you to other companies.