How To Stay Awake On The Road

The life of a trucker is no easy feat. With long hours and a job that comes with a exponential amount of stress, it could be easy to see why a driver trucker would find it hard to stay awake on the road. However, hard it may be, it is a very vital part of the job. Below you can discover a few suggestions to keep you alert and awake on the road.

1. Turn Down The Temperature
Our bodies sleep best when we are warm and cozy. That being said, don’t crank the heat in your cab when you are getting sleepy. Being a tad on the cold side will keep you alert while driving.

2. Switch Up The Radio Situation
Sometimes a change in surroundings can be all someone needs to get a boost of energy. Because your physical surroundings can’t exactly change, try switching up what’s happening in the cab. If listening to the radio is making you tired, turn it off for a few minutes or visa versa. Whatever you need to do to remain engaged while driving.

3. Coffee Is Your Friend
This may sound like a no-brainer but caffeine can aid you when you are starting to feel drowsy. Plus in the winter it’s a great way to warm up your insides.

4. Don’t Overeat
We all knows what happens we we gorge ourselves on delicious food: we get sleepy.  Try eating smaller meals throughout the day to avoid this.

5. Step Out Of The Truck For A Few Minutes
Simply getting out of your cab and walking around for a few minutes can help you to wake up. Get the blood circulating in your body and get rid of those ideas of sleep fast.

Transpro Burgener has all the trucking tips you could possibly need. Check back for more and be safe out there on the road!