How To Know When Is It Time To Grow Your Fleet

Transpro Burgener has been in the trucking business for a long time. Our staff combined has over 300 years of experience in long haul transportation and we pride ourselves on knowing all there is to know about the business in general. For start up trucking companies, it is often hard to know all the ins and outs of trucking. Whether it be how to find the best drivers or what kind of freights you should be purchasing, there are many different aspects to building a successful trucking company.

One of the most important aspects is knowing when you should begin growing your fleet, once you have begun to acquire regular clients and staff members that have proven themselves responsible and capable of completing a job to its entirety.

It is first important to keep an eye on the spot market. Planning for the future is all dependent on the current state of the trucking market. Chances are if things have been going well the previous years, then the trend should continue in the future. However, if the spot market has been showing signs of slowing down, it may not be the best time to add another freight to your fleet.

Secondly, who is going to drive the new freights you are planning on buying?Lately there has been a decline in the number of people  trying to obtain positions in the trucking business. If you know you haven’t been receiving many inquiries for employment at your company, now may not be the right time for a new truck or two.

Transpro Burgener is here for all your trucking needs. If you know someone who needs a load moved, or if you are just looking for some general guidance for your own trucking business, we can help!