Defensive Truck Driving & You

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with being a truck driver and at Transpro Burgener we stress this to all of our truckers. Being in control of a big truck and trailer means that you have to be aware of everything that is going on around you all the time, not to mention you have to have excellent driving skills. In addition, you must have defensive driving skills so that you are never contributing to danger on the road. Below are a few tactics you can take to be the best defensive truck driver on the road.

  1. Be sure to keep a safe distance
    Maintaining a safe distance between you and the car ahead of you is always good practice. Braking in a large vehicle like a semi-truck takes longer than braking in a car or SUV. Try to maintain a three second distance between you and the car ahead of you, meaning you should not pass a specific point on the road sooner than three seconds after the car in front of you passes it.
  2. Be aware of lane changers
    Being an observant driver is a huge part of being a defensive driver. There will always be drivers on the road who recklessly change lanes at their every whim. Being able to spot these drivers while you are on the road and anticipate their next move will increase how effective of a defensive driver you are.
  3. Sit a moment longer
    Intersections are extremely dangerous and one of the most common places that accidents occur. When you are driving through an area with stoplight, make sure to pause a few extra seconds after the light turns green before you begin to accelerate. Also make sure to look both ways for any cars that may be out of control.