Advantages and Disadvantages to Team Truck Driving

In case you are not familiar, team trucking is when a two truckers share the driving responsibility of one driver with one truck. Essentially, these drivers take turns being behind the wheel  and run on a schedule that determines who will be driving when. Although this practice is not necessarily what people practice normally, some companies do allow for trucking teams. There are both pros and cons to this practice. Below you can discover what some of these are.dreamstime_xxl_25686331

Advantages to Team Trucking

  1. Support
    It can often get boring and lonely when you are in a truck alone for extended amounts of times. Having someone to converse with as well as to be your cheerleader when the driving gets tough will keep you motivated and focused on the task at hand.
  2. Money
    When you have two people driving a rig, the time it takes to make delivers decreases exponentially as you do not necessarily have to stop overnight to sleep.  Some companies will even go as far as to offer financial incentives for teams that are willing to work together in order to make deliveries arrive to their destinations in a more timely manner.

Disadvantages to Team Trucking

  1. Confrontation
    As it goes when any two people spend a lot of time together, there is alway the possibility for confrontation to occur. Someone’s habits or vices may not be conducive to the driving atmosphere you prefer and riding in silence because one person has the other peeved is never a good practice.
  2. More Stops
    If you have ever taken a road trip then you are well aware of the number of stops that must be made with each additional person in a car. Both drivers are truly at the mercy of the other and of the strict delivery schedule their situation has created for them.
  3. Determining Who Is In Control
    It it is not explicitly stated from the time a team is formed that one person is in charge there will undoubtedly be a power struggle. Although it would be easy to say that the person behind the wheel is in charge, eventually someone will feel as though they are being bossed around, resulting in tension on the team.